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Ivan Dimitrov

Visual designer

I'm from Bulgaria and live in Varna - a beautiful city located on the Black Sea. I work as a freelance graphic designer and I love to recreate the world around me through graphics, illustration and typography.

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Born in the summer of 1982

Since 2005 I graduated bachelor degree in Fine Arts at Veliko Tarnovo University, Bulgaria.

For the next five years I worked as a graphic designer in several advertising agencies in Varna city.

From 2010 to 2014 I mixed teaching and freelance designing:

- During this period I created new curriculum for specialty Graphic    Design in Technical High School. I participated in projects at the  Ministry of Education connected with creating unity between  education and the business.

- Photoshop lector in Cultural association Sea blue.

- I participated as a volunteer to the spiritual and educational center  "St. Michael."

From 2014 I work entirely as a freelance graphic designer.




I am specializing in brand identity. With good knowledge on Aesthetics, I am working with strong concept creating visual identity for Start ups, B2B and B2C companies, ecommerce stores, products, events etc.

Most of my big visual design projects include: Logo design, Stationery design, Web / UI design, Print design, Package design, Social media design, Icons, Typography, Layout, Illustration, Photo manipulation etc.


Design in Bulgaria


Here in Bulgaria we have a rich heritage in the field of graphic design, typography, graphics. Thanks to Stefan Kanchev, graphic design in Bulgaria reaches world-class developing. He is one of the ten best logo designers in the world.

The great theorist and font designer Vasil Yonchev leaves behind many books about the fonts and many students - font designers who are at the forefront of world rankings (One of the best-selling fonts in the world today are made by Bulgarian type foundry "Font Fabric").


Ionchev i Kanchev